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"Just a quick note to THANK YOU for the great new boots! I conquered bumps with those new boots I never could have handled before. They made my skis so much more responsive!"
Charlie H., Houston, Texas

"The modern ski boot - where the rubber meets the road, or more exactly, where the skier meets the mountain. Performance on the slopes depends just as much on good boot alignment, or boot integration as Jim Lindsay of BOOTech calls it, as on good technique."

Lito Tejada-Flores, Author
"Breakthrough on the New Skis"

A “Smarter Ski Boot”

A “Smarter Ski Boot” is one that works with you, not against you. It is carefully selected, adjusted and in many cases modified to perfectly complement your individual bio-mechanics. A “Smarter Ski Boot” is one that matches all of your angles and moves the same way you do. It knows where you stand optimally and encourages you to stay there, relaxed and centered. Because it knows all these things about you it never rubs or pinches or chafes. And it doesn’t need to be clamped down uncomfortably to feel secure.

Just what is Ski Boot Integration?

At BOOTech, Inc. our focus isn’t simply bootfitting it’s boot integration. For years sophisticated skiers have used the term "boot alignment" for this process, but we feel that the idea of "ski boot integration" paints an even more accurate picture of what boot alignment is all about.

Increasingly you hear the equipment manufacturers touting new interfaces, skis that only work with their bindings. They emphasisze the importance of a system, where all the products are designed to work together.

You, the skier are the most important component of all in this system.

Each of us possesses a system of balance and movement patterns as unique to an individual as their fingerprints. If your angles and movement patterns don’t match precisely with those of your ski equipment you are forced to adapt.

But at BOOTech, Inc. we adapt your equipment to you.

Most skiers call their adaptive movements “bad habits”. At BOOTech, Inc. we know that these movements are not an accident at all. They are the end result of an imbalance elsewhere in the kinetic chain and your bodies need to feel in balance.

Most skiers turn significantly better to one side than the other. Others have difficulty staying centered over their skis and seem to always end up in the backseat. Change the way you ski by changing the way you stand on your skis. Change the way you stand on your skis by changing the way you stand in your boots.

There are a number of factors which can effect the way you stand on your skis. These include the range of motion in your foot and ankle, excessive pronation (low arch) or supination (high arch), bow-legged or knock-kneed, long legged, short legged, knee tracking over the foot, and so on.

At BOOTech, Inc. all of these factors and more are taken into account both when selecting the right ski boot for you, and in the boot integration - or boot alignment - process.

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